About Us!

HELLO! and welcome to our website!  Just in case you found us by chance, here's a little bit about who we are what we do. 

Eagle Ray Traders is a small clothing company owned and operated by 3 women, based in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.  We import Batik clothing from Bali and, in the past, have sold it at music festivals and craft fairs all summer long.   Now we're getting our goods out to you on the internet! 

So what is Batik and what makes our particular product so great?

Batik is an ancient art form using wax and dyes in the hands of skilled artisans to create the world's most beautiful textiles.  Much like tie-dye, each piece is hand-crafted and no two are exactly alike.  All of our garments are the ultimate in comfort and easy care.  100% machine washable rayon in beautiful hand chosen prints, matched with great styles make our customers a loyal crowd!  Our clothing is extremely comfortable and versatile.  It can be worn for anything from resort/beach wear to office attire; some of our dresses have been even worn as wedding dresses!  Most recently we've turned some of our more popular fabrics into bedding. 

Eagle Ray Traders makes every attempt to assure cultural sensitivity and environmental integrity.  Family-based facilities are used in the various stages of the production of the final garment; thereby insuring that the people involved in the process are reaping the benefits of their labor.  We always strive to maintain fair trade standards.

A portion of our profit is donated to Suta Dharma School to improve the education for the children of Bali by sponsoring needy children.  For more information on how you too can help, please contact us.